Saturday, November 19, 2011

Barca! Barca! Barca!

Well that was awesome! I just got back from the Barca game! Epic! I have to go into the architecture first because Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe. Now imagine four levels of people doing the wave. Yeah it happened. Half the time I was thinking of circulation and everything that goes into a stadium design. As you can see, the effects are really quite lovely. It’s a little boring from the outside, but of course the soccer game more than makes up for it. Whoops! Did I say soccer, I meant futbol. The game was great! We played Zaragosa Real. I would say in my very unprofessional opinion that we dominated. Oh, the score was 4-0. Messi (the super cute soccer player from the airport the very first day here) scored a goal. He is just phenomenal and I gained some insight into his playing style…such as what he’s looking for and doing. He is really a very good player and lives up to the hype. My favorite goal was an assist that led to a header that made the goal. It was great! It was a lot of fun!

Last night I went out for Lane’s birthday (a friend in the program). We started by drinking in the plaza. [Cut to Teka drinking juice box while the other 50 people have beers]. The cops came since technically it is illegal to drink in the streets. But if you move a block away they didn’t care. Then we wandered up a street looking for a bar that ended up being way too small for our group size. We then ended up at a club with free entry. I enjoyed this because there was dancing. It was nice. I had fun! But since the others had snuck alcohol into the club we got kicked out. From there I went home since we were getting closer to my house and I was getting tired and bored. (Note that I learned after taking a cab across town one night out only to take another cab right back home). Overall I have enjoyed my weekend. But I’m now exhausted, so I’m going to sleep. Wyatt and Jarrett, I hope you actually read this far and didn’t just look at the pictures! =)

Oh, side note! The pancakes were quite the hit! Definitely worth all of the time and effort! 

The fantastic stadium. 

 We won!

 I was all bundled up for the rain/cold!

Messi--you can't tell how cute he is from this (or even who he is really. lol)

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