Friday, November 18, 2011

The Pancake Quest!

What have I done this week? I have just been going to class and my internship as normal. The most exciting part was getting my feet soaked in a rain storm. I had no idea that BCN got that volume of rain! My shoes are still drying after three days. Other than that I have been wrapping up the bookings of my trips…My next three weekends are as follows: Paris, France…Trondheim, Norway…and Berlin, Germany. It’s going to be awesome!! And I’m meeting people I know (or are distantly related to) in every trip!!!

Today I trekked around the city on a quest. My senora asked to make pancakes. Sounds like a simple request, right? Well not really. The most impossible to find item was Maple Syrup. I went to three different stores (one turned out to not even exist). Finally on the last store that I was getting my other ingredients at I magically found Maple Syrup. Persistence! I also used a dictionary for most of the shopping since I didn’t know any of the words. After that I couldn’t find baking powder. So I went to one more store! Phew! 4 stores and countless hours later…

*Approximate because I didn't want to have to actually convert!*
Orange Juice                        $3.50
Butter                                     $1.50
Baking Soda                        $2.00
Whole Wheat Flour              $5.00
Bananas                               $3.50
Yogurt                                    $1.50
Milk                                        $2.75
Walnuts                                 $2.00
Maple Syrup                         $25.00

Total                                      $46.75
Pancakes                             PRICELESS

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