Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fiesta a mi casa!

Tuesday night most of the students in the program came over to my house for a dinner party. I knew it was successful when T.C. walked in and named every designer of the chairs in our living room. Marina (my Senora) hung out with us for most of the time too. Everyone just seemed to like each other and have a good time! It was a potluck and there was an excellent helping of dishes. I made a fruit salad and still have tons left! Afterwards I couple of us hung out talking and just chilling in the candlelight. It was a wonderful, very soothing, low-key night.
Kind of dark..but left to right: (around table) Sam, Katie, Alec, Lane, Hannah's friend (couch) Marina, Leto, Alex (Leto's boyfriend)

The next day we toured the Republican Pavilion which was in Paris right at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. I learned a ton of history and we even got to see a newspaper from the day Franco died! But it was very cool. Picasso collaborated as well…

The Republican Pavilion, with a reproduction of Picasso's work.

Tonight I am going to T.C.’s to have thanksgiving dinner after a toast with the rest of the program. It really doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving because no one celebrates it. Plus the weather is like early Colorado fall, which is slightly cold but not really. Finally, all of the stores are decorated for Christmas! So I’m very excited about that, but that might also be because it’s my favorite holiday! Tomorrow I leave very early for Paris to meet up with my roomie—Valerie. I’m so excited! Words are insufficient to contain my excitement. No, really! Bon voyage!

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