Thursday, December 15, 2011

Germany was FANTASTIC!

Where do I even begin to explain my wonderful adventure in Germany? Well after Norway, I returned to Barcelona for one day of class. The next morning I was on a flight to Berlin. After a long day of travelling, I was exhausted. But I hopped on the metro (or underground, whatever they call it). And it got checked…and I had the wrong ticket. So I got fined 40 Euros. And then he taught me how to buy the correct one. And from there I had to ride an additional stop, and then buy another ticket to come back to the stop for my hostel. After spending at least half an hour looking for the hostel, I finally found it and crashed (after a very strange hot dog however). The next morning I woke up early and went and visited the Jewish Holocaust Museum. It was a very interesting building. And it was particularly cool to see it without a lot of people since I was one of the first people in. I can then honestly say that is all I saw of Berlin. I then took a train for about six hours down to Siegen (pronounced Zeegan). Here I was met by Ute. A little bit of quick background. Peter and Ute, along with their children Silvia and Niklas have lived in the U.S. multiple times, most recently in Boulder. But I consider them to be a part of the family, so of course I had to go visit them. Anyways, I had a fantastic visit. From visiting this old German bakery to playing games to visiting an old castle, it was fantastic. I also saw the house where my uncle and his family lived when they were in Germany! Finally I had to leave and took a train down to Frankfurt. The next morning, when getting internet access again, I received some fantastic news—two of my best friends—Erica and Johnny—were engaged!!!!! Unfortunately I then had to get to the airport (where the metro was running later and later, so I just took a cab). After making it through security, I called Erica to congratulate them! And finally I flew to Palma Mallorca (which I want to visit, because it looked like old buildings and the prettiest colored fields!) Since then I have just been back in Barcelona where I took a final Monday, wrote a 6 page paper, have a presentation today, and my last studio final due Monday. I would now like to take the time to commemorate my last studio class…ever. Anti-climatic. But nice to have it done! And on that note, I am going to go get some work done before I have my last internship day (I think)!

The view from Peter and Ute's house.

 The crown on top of the church, the "sign of Siegen" as Silvia says.

My view when I found out Erica and Johnny were engaged!

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